Safat 01

SAFAT Aviation Group

Safat 01



A Versatile Utility Aircraft, with characteristics of STOL Characteristics! STOL identifies the capability of an aircraft to take off and land in extremely short distances. The term stands for Short Take Off and Landing. The constant chord wing is supported by V struts, the horizontal tail is wire braced and the aircraft is fitted with a tail wheel. Single-engine, two-seat private aircraft with a very strong but simple high wing design.


Maximum Speed 180 Km/h
Service Ceiling 3 Km
Range 740 Km
Fuel Tank Capacity 120 Liter
 Stall Speed 40 Km/h ,with Flap 50 Km/h
Aileron Deflection +15 ? down  ,  -20  Up
Rudder Deflection ±30?
Elevator Deflection ±25
Engine Horsepower 150 hp
Maximum RPM 5500 rpm
Wing Span 10.250 m
Total Weight 700 Kg
Rate of Climb 2 m/sec
Fuel Grade Gasoline 95
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