Profile ARC

SAFAT Aviation Group

Profile ARC

Aeronautical Research Center (ARC) is the branch of Safat aviation Group (SAG),

established in 2008,  ARC vision is based on settling (nationalizing) the (design) and

developing light aircrafts by making use of the distinguished and highly qualified cadres

in order to  provide solutions to the beneficiaries according to strategy that aims to cover the

country and region needs.


To be a regional center of excellence, and a pioneer of aviation industry in the Sudan.


Conducting scientific applied research, design, development, and provide consultations and  innovative engineering solutions in the field of aviation industry in the Sudan to satisfy

customers via distinguished cadres and putting the international standards into practice,

integrating with industrial,academic, and research institutions to ensure the optimal

exploitation of the  national resources.

The key functions of ARC

  • Conducting research and development projects and suggesting modifications and upgrade solutions to raise the efficiency of national   air force and civil aviation industry in Sudan.
  • Building national research capabilities and laboratory capacity in aviation.
  • Providing specialized training for engineers and researchers in related institutes.
  • Providing services of consulting, research and laboratories for customers.
  • Conducting preliminary design for new projects up to the detailed design phase,

in addition to prototyping and manufacturing.

  • Designing of aircraft systems.

Research Groups:

•              General Design      •        Aerodynamics         •       Avionics                 •          Technology

•              Aircraft Structure   •      Aircraft System        •      Teting                    •            Propulsion

•              Manufacturing workshops


Achieved Projects:


•                             Safat-01 Project             •              Safat-03 Project

•                             Free Fall & Sky Diving Simulator Project        •                 Aero-medical Center Project

Current Running R & D Projects:

•                              Shimmy test Laboratory Design and Manufacturing Project.

•                              Drop test Laboratory Design and Manufacturing Project.

•                              Weight and C.G. Laboratory Design and Manufacturing Project

•                              Aerodynamic Model Manufacturing Project

•                              Jigs & Fixtures Design and Manufacturing Project

•                              Light Engines & Propeller Test Laboratory Project

•                              Light Aircraft Structural Test Laboratory Project

•                              Biofuel project

•                              Agricultural aircraft AN-2 Modification  project