Helicopter Upgrade

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Helicopter Upgrade


In order to provide intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities to locate and track ground (or sea) mobile and stationary objects, increase situational awareness.

The system adds many features to helicopter such as

  • DSC_1571sSupport and coordinate the operators’ interaction when
  • engaging targets;
  • Provide the crew with enhanced flight and situational
  • awareness
  • Support extensive flight management capabilities and a full range of navigation and flight planning features together with simple route and flight plan creation and modification procedures.
  • Provide manual and directed modes of flight control;
  • Increase flight safety;
  • Provide day and night helicopter operations;
  • Provide complete flight recording including the engagement results;
  • Assure flight management information for safe returning and landing

All above happen with added

  • 2011-10-10_11-2-32-805Flight navigation complex
  • Electronic indication complex
  • Optic-electronic complex
  • Night flight equipment .


  • Integrated Modular Avionics Computer IMAC

Is intended for delivers high-density, high-performance real-time processing in a 3U form factor, intended for applications of KBO-35 with space, weight, and power (SWAP) limitations. IMAC

provides an advanced level of computing to MI-24P platforms operating in difficult conditions


  • Inertial Measurement Unit IM
  • Results are used in IMAC calculator algorithms for calculation of location parameters, velocity and helicopter angular orientation during navigating and flight tasks solving and also for performance of radio locating and optical-electronic systems
  • Air Data Unit ADU
  • Include static pressure sensor, dynamic pressure sensor and outdoor temperature sensor.
  • Heading Magnetic System HMS
  • Is intended for measurement of components of the projection of the intensity vector of magnetic field of the Earth on the system of coordinates associated with helicopter.
  • Global Navigation System GNS
  • Is intended for site coordinates determination and helicopter speed movement on signals of GLONASS and GPS satellite navigating systems.
  • Doppler Velocity System DVS
  • Is intended for measurement of longitudinal and lateral components of ground speed of movement, true flight altitude and angle of drift.
  • Electro-Optical System EOS
  • Is intended for review of the surrounding space in the visible and infrared range, visual search, aiming, acquisition and auto tracking of land (surface) objects with measurement of range to them and approach velocity.
  • Cockpit Multifunction Display CD
  • Is intended for informing the crew about air environment and flight conditions by displaying flight, navigation and survey information and also operating modes control of the KBO-35.
  • Integrated Standby Instrument System ISIS
  • Is intended for independent measurement, calculation and display of flight height-speed parameters and angular position of the helicopter.


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