Helicopter Maintenance

SAFAT Aviation Group

Helicopter Maintenance

DSC04679sSafat helicopters center is the one of premier maintenance center in Africa Certified by Mil Helicopter Plant and have full facilities and capabilities to perform maintenance and overhaul services .

  • Infrastructure :-


  • Hangers  accommodate 12 helicopter in one time
  • Complete Avionics  and mechanics workshops /testers
  • Qualified and certified staff
  • Approved warehouse.
  • Component overhaul workshop
  • Aerodrome class b

We have the certified technical and operational capacity to carry out all maintenance and overhaul services for helicopter types:-

  • DSC02242sMI-8MT
  • MI-8AMT
  • MI-17,
  • MI-8MTV,
  • MI-171
  • MI-17-1V versions.
  • MI-24
  • MI-35


Our services

  • all routine and non-routine maintenance services
  • Overhaul services.
  • Upgrade services.

All the work that is carried under approvals of:-

  • DSC_0154sMIL design berue
  • Sudan civil aviation
  • Sudan Air Force.


  • We follow the maintenance procedure that designed by the manufacture, as well as local and international maintenance standards.
  • Our Staff is properly qualified, licensed, and experienced to execute all levels of maintenance.
  • Russian experts and technical specialists working in our company on a permanent basis provide the experience and necessary knowledge to ensure that work is carried out with the high technical level required to provide maximum safety and trustworthiness to our clients.


  • We built good relation with suppliers and  manufacturers of components authorized by the Russian Aeronautics Authorities guaranteeing quality and traceability of all parts and pieces that we use.


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P.O.BOX 114 Khartoum airport

Tel: +249 123002743

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