SAFAT Aviation Group


Our efforts

The efforts of the Aeronautical Research Centre (ARC) are continuing strongly and effectively to possess the knowledge and enhancing its experience and open now with confidence towards its customers and partners by providing solutions through conducting research studies, consultations, new designs, development and modification of aircrafts and the existing systems and to contribute strongly on the national level in the development of ideas, visions, and solutions to the different technical issues related to the field of its specialization. Where ARC starts to dash strongly towards globalization through the participation of its management and affiliates which received acceptance and boosted confidence in the capabilities of the people of this generous country. Therefore, ARC hopes for one promising future entitled: excellence and leadership.

Center Achievements

  • Establishingdesign bureauin accordance with theinternationalstandards& requirements.
  • RedesigningSafat (01) a
  • Participating inthedesigningofSafat (03) airplane.
  • Producing initial lab scalesampleof biodiesel
  • Preparing a national road map fordevelopingaerial applications.
  • Preparing a studyfor introducingagriculturalaircraftsoperating with ethanol
  • Preparing a studyto establishtheAero-medical Center.
  • Designing and manufacturing research laboratories.
  • Designing engineering
  • Designing of autopilot system
  • Upgrade (An-2) aircraft.

Our computer application:

We provide our customers with integrated software application in

  • Anti-ice system design for light aircrafts.
  • Load distribution analysis of light aircrafts.
  • Free vibration and buckling of composite and metallic plates and shells.
  • Impact analysis of composite plates and shells with application in aeronautical engineering.
  • Landing gear calculations of light aircrafts.
  • Bending and free vibration analysis of sandwich panels.
  • Hydraulic systems calculations.