SAFAT Aviation Group

SAFAT Singing contract of purchasing 10 Safat 02 aircraft for Khartoum State Police.


SAFAT02Extension to the cooperation between Safat Aviation Complex and Khartoum State Police   signing, contract to purchase 10 helicopters safat 02, the first batch  2 helicopters was

delivered the rest 8 unit shall deliver in mid-2016.

The police  seek to develop and enhance thier capabilites in the state espicially in tracking and aerial surveillance and traffic movements in high-ways, in order to reduce traffic


on the other hand helicopter shall use to secure the entrances of the state to reduce the crime. DSC_3143

Khartoum State Police Director-General confirms that the aircraft forms a true addition to khartoum state police .

The Police Aviation Director-General said the helicopters will contribute in developing the performance of police work in the state, through its unique advantages in

as well as modern technology in the heleicopter  as well as low operational

st compared to other helicopters.