SAFAT Aviation Group


Safat Aviation Complex – Sudan


We lead Aviation Industry in Africa



Safat aviation complex provide upgrade services of the following type of aircraft:-

  • AN-12
  • AN-24
  • AN-26
  • AN-30

The system consists of:-




  • In order to reduce the incidence of mid-air collisions between aircraft and to gain Full-time terrain display.

Operational Benefits

  • Complete FAA TSO C151b TAWS compliance
  • Meets Class A TAWS requirements for airlines and Part 135 operations
  • Meets Class B TAWS requirements for Part 91 operations
  • Full-time terrain display
  • Runway and waypoint overlay
  • Integrated TAWS computer and flat-panel display
  • RMI display
  • >10,000 hour MTBF

Functional Benefits

  • Drop-in, 3-ATI form factor
  • Easy and inexpensive to install
  • Costs up to 50% less than other TAWS
  • No “happy boxes” required
  • Works with digital and analog avionics
  • A wide variety of FMS/GPS interfaces
  • TCAS I display option
  • make a pilot’s job easier
  • determine trip length vertical navigation (VNAV) profiles

Other Features:-

  • Complies with all worldwide ACAS II/TCAS II requirements
  • Advanced technology offers high reliability, built-in testing and software diagnostics
  • Manages closing rates of 1200 kts. and 10,000 ft/min. vertical speed
  • Escape maneuver coordination
  • Multiple display options include EFIS, weather radar and multifunction displays (MFD)