Chairman Message

SAFAT Aviation Group

Chairman Message

IIn Safat we believe the best results are achieved by meeting the different needs of customers and strive it for mutual success.

We formulate and develop our strategy according to the needs and expectations of our customer taking into account external changes.

We are looking forward to become one of the best in African aviation industry through exceeding the customer’s expectation, taking into account our commitment to the standards and legislation of civil aviation authorities , fulfilling the systems , standards And commitment towards society and environment .

Safat is currently providing services in more than seven African countries; it has plans to cover more than fifteen African counties, our market strategy in coming period is going to cover the African market in the field of aircraft maintenance and training.

The Group has distinguished relationships with pioneers in aviation industry in China, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, Our relation is based on mutual benefits; this partnership has enhanced our building capacity, training as well as logistic support.

Safat Aviation Group strongly believes the concept of creation and innovation; we implement all that in our product, services, and internal processes, we spread this culture in all Safat aspects to guaranty effective and efficient response to challenge.

On the other hand we engage our employees in the process of decisions to become ambassadors of Safat value and to enhance the mind image in community as well as Correspondent Social Responsibilities.

We greatly develop our product and service to achieve the optimum value of our customers through converting their needs and expectations with an attractive and transparent offer that adds value to our customers.

Safat group started to expand its brand regionally & internationally through participating in many aviation events such as Marrakesh air show, African aviation & Dubai Air show.

In safat we believe that successful & sustainable results can be achieved through achieving & exceeding the expectations of stakeholders .MFGM